Thessaloniki: Message of solidarity with the squat of ROG in Slovenia

From Thessaloniki to Ljubljana-Squat everything and forever

In the 19th of January strong repressive forces invade the squatted factory of Rog in Ljubljana, Slovenia in order to proceed to its eviction. During the invasion of the cops many comrades are getting arrested and beaten up by the police.
For 15 years Rog squat has been a liberated space of meeting and self-organization against gentrification, marginalization, racism and any form of oppression. Hundreds of people who keep on fighting, migrants and members of the lgbtqi  movement among others have found the safe space and time to express themselves in Rog. And this is something that remains deeply engraved in the societal reality of the city of Ljubljana.

We are aware of it feels to be deprived of your liberated breaths day by day. How it feels to count your steps, yet it feels as if something is missing because you walk on foreign soils. We know how it feels to stand ten steps away from your squatted home’s doorstep watching the uniformed pieces of trash and every one of their collaborators violating it with their gaze and the filth hidden under the name of their authority. And these are the reasons that make us insist even more and not back off not even for a moment.
Squats are not about the walls but about the countless moments of struggle, happiness and sorrow. They are about relationships build on solidarity and comradeship. Squats are about our dreams. And those dreams cannot be stolen away from us by anyone. Defeat may prevail only if we give up on dreaming. Yet we still have a million dreams to put into practice.
Our complete solidarity to the comrades who defend the squats and the meeting points of resistance. The state cannot evict movements, the struggle for self-organized, occupied, feminist and antirascist spaces will go on!

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