Greece: Fires in solidarity with Dimitris Koufodinas

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 “The State operation to exterminate the revolutionary Dimitris Koufodinas will not go unanswered”.
The ongoing hunger strike of political prisoner Dimitris Koufodinas and his threatened annihilation on the part of the murderous mechanisms of power is not something separate from the wider social reality. It is taking place under a veil of organized silence, methodical disinformation, unbridled authoritarianism. As has happened in the past with examples of hunger strikers killed by the State. The hunger striker is cursed by political normality, dehumanized, considered an “exile” blackmailing the State to satisfy his personal “whims” and consequently the State has no reason to give in to his “blackmail”.
“Mr Sands was a convicted criminal. He chose to take his own life. It was a choice that his organisation did not allow to many of its victims”. Margaret Thatcher, 1981, on the death of IRA member Bobby Sands following a hunger strike.
The government of ND [New Democracy] and the family of Mitsotakis and Bakogiannis are inflicting a death penalty on Dimitris Koufodinas. They are torturers and murderers. And as such will be remembered by historical memory. They, their minions and those who actively supported their shameless death policy.
We have a lot to say, but for now we still have a lot to do.
We are taking responsibility for the arson attacks:

– At the house of retired lieutenant general of the Greek police Christos Kontaridis. Kontaridis was probably the most sanguinary officer in the MAT. From 1994 to 2008 he was in the front line in the repression, responsible for dozens of episodes of police violence against demonstrators. He is responsible for the fighters’ blood spilled on the streets. He continued his miserable career in elevated positions within the repressive mechanism redeeming the fact of being a leader and loyal mastiff of the State and capital. After being demobilized by the police, he participated in the elections as a candidate for Nea Demokratia (ND). Still today he writes non-stop, aligning himself with the extreme-right political agenda and strengthening fascist perceptions within the repressive mechanisms.
–  At the house of Greek police brigadier Michalis Ladomenou. A high-ranking member, as head of personnel matters of the Greek Police, he was the official mediator between the trade unionists and their respective political leadership.  Ladomenos has long played a double role. On the one hand to cover up and bury the crimes of his police officers–colleagues in silence, and on the other hand to push for the satisfaction of the most reactionary requests of the police unionists.
We are not surprised by the fact that the actions have been totally concealed by the media who cannot easily handle the fact that, in spite of the police in the streets and the militarization of daily life, ND’s narrative of “order and safety” in the Athenian metropolis Athenian is collapsing due to the dozens of attacks and interventions that are trying to prevent the plan to annihilate the hunger striker Dimitris Koufodinas. Their provocative alliance with the far-right government of ND, the tens of millions they have received in exchange, the disinformation, the concealment, the lies that they tell on every occasion, will inevitably put them in front of their responsibilities. For the media, “freedom of speech” means becoming the representative of ND’s propaganda, becoming the main lever of manipulation and construction of an inverted reality, to become the voice of the murderous violence of the State and capital.
Our position must be clear and without compromise.
In a reality where everything is considered usable and expendable, where their value is simply in the realm of the abstract and the symbolic, the most essential material cost is the cost of meaning, the psychological cost in the face of images of conflict and the practical questioning of the state monopoly of violence. It is the immediate fear of social hatred for government policy radicalizing. It is the indirect economic damage that occurs at the level of prevention to defend from the existing barbarism. We try to be imaginative, we try to be a threat to those who dominate our lives. Their homes are out there, their offices are out there, everything is on display out there. And social class resistance will flourish where state orders are challenged in practice.
We do not expect any decline in the economy of violence of the ND government.
It is currently a question of material and political survival to multiply, study the enemy, adapt the conditions of our war to those of the modern capitalist paradigm. Becoming dangerous is a question of material and political survival. Also with easily accessible means, to immerse ourselves in non-orthodox war methodologies, to build within us coherent relations of honesty, responsibility, solidarity and trust, to be capable of externalizing our projects and building the bridges destroyed by the violent crisis and capitalist restructuring.
To rekindle our revolutionary expectations building social and political structures capable of standing on their own feet and effectively threatening the balance of power, speaking the only language they understand: the language of violence.
Victory for the hunger strike of the revolutionary Dimitris Koufodinas.
His immediate transfer to the prison of Korydallos.
Solidarity with the political prisoners, from Greece to Chile and from France to Italy.
Get organized. Attack. Fight with passion and dignity.
Immediate Action Nuclei
Anarchist Nucleus Antivia
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