Chile – An anarchist perspective in the face of the coronavirus pandemic
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!
We receive and spread:
In the afternoon of a particularly chaotic Friday, Piñera inaugurates the pandemic on the national TV channel. Fear of the virus has slowly been brought up in conversations since the beginning of March, increasingly becoming a main topic amidst the turbulent return to school that wants to be a replica (as with an earthquake) of the October revolt, the mass feminist demonstrations, the radicalization of reactionary sectors and the imminent referendum.
The international situation is just as complex. Last year a new world-wide wave of revolts against capitalist normality began, and the very worn-out “institutionality” seems to be collapsing from wherever you look at it, leaving space not only to insurrectional creativity but also to (never easily distinguishable) populisms and fascisms of all sorts.
The economy has been losing speed for a while, but the commercial war between two declining powers, the manipulated increase in fuel prices and the paralysis caused by the coronavirus have created the perfect tempest for the stock exchange and its web of speculative fictions to free-fall.

It is in this context that the disease comes to our territory, with a state of exception still fresh in memory. It starts in wealthy neighbourhoods and we almost rejoice before remembering that they won’t be the ones that will suffer the consequences. Late as usual, the government announces its measures. Clearly these aren’t sufficient, and its only goal is to secure the free circulation of capital. Some (the same who see conspiracies everywhere) are whispering that it’s a strategy to cancel the referendum, so seemingly dangerous. But it’s clear to us that fachx inteligente vota apruebo (1), and that the government’s incompetence doesn’t need any other justifications than its own class interests.
But we saw how the situation developed in other countries where the infection is in a more advanced state. In the streets of China, Italy and other areas of the world there have been simulations of counter-insurrection, urban war, absolute state of exception, with different levels of success. The Chinese state, known for its repressive ability, concentrated all its efforts in the containment of a zero zone, playing the wizard in order to keep the economy afloat, and gave its regional governments free choice in restarting production and also in issuing absurd laws to maintain the quarantine. All this aside, in no country has the quarantine been efficient and effective (not to mention the United States, whose public policy is reduced to closing one’s ears and shouting out loud).
The Italian case is noteworthy, mainly because of the resistance to quarantine measures and to “social distancing”, an ominous euphemism that refers to self-isolation, forced precariousness disguised as “tele-work”, the hoarding of essential items and the negation of any form of community.
As concerns prisoners (always crammed and immune-compromised), visits have been banned and the great prison revolt of this century began: twenty-seven prisons in revolt, several deaths, policemen and gendarmes being kidnapped and hundreds of prisoners escaping.
The situation in the Chilean territory is uncertain. Pharmacies and supermarkets which not so long ago were plundered will be emptied soon because of widespread panic. Public transport, a permanent battlefield since the beginning of the revolt, will be soon avoided like the plague. The government has already banned gatherings of more than 500 people, but at this point who the fuck listens to the government. The military, which we suppose denied themselves taking to the streets again in order to keep the little legitimacy they have left and retain their privileges in a new constitution, won’t show the same decency if they can mask their actions as public health. After all, public health really counts less than a bag of popcorn. And we have no idea of what is going to happen with the referendum.
If in other countries the pandemic was a test for insurrection, here the insurrection seems to have been a test for the pandemic and the economic crisis. Let’s keep the flame of revolt alive and organize ourselves to survive.
Here we report some measures we consider worth spreading, more as an inspiration than a program:
– the plunder and organized redistribution of essential items
– the use of students’ occupations as collection points, homes for those who don’t have any and, obviously, hotbeds for revolts
– the boycotting of all kinds of work and study at distance: let the quarantine become a general strike
– the release of political prisoners as a main point
– mass non-payment to private hospitals: free medical care for all
– rent strikes, occupations of empty houses
A balaclava is the best face mask!
Escape capital’s isolation!
Refuse immunity as a police device!
The crisis is an opportunity, take care of your gang and attack!

1) The vote is for a referendum which will determine whether a new constituency process is to be started or not (to replace the Constitution imposed in 1980, during the dictatorship) and what are to be its mechanisms. It’s the result of a “peace agreement” sanctioned behind closed doors by the same part of the political élite that has governed the country for decades, with the purpose of suffocating the social agitation which began on 18th October 2019.

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