Italy : For a day of liberation on 25th April , 2020

Italy: Proposal for a Day of Liberation on April 25th
Rome – People in the streets for the 25th of April
Also in Rome people decided to break the quarantine and come out into the streets

Bologna – Transgression of quarantine
Bologna, la festa del 25 aprile al Pratello (FotoSchicchi)
Several people left their houses throughout the morning, especially at Pratello

Berlin – Lockdown protest, 100 arrests
Dozens of people, over 100 according to police, were arrested in Berlin because they were protesting against the lockdown imposed to contain the spreading of the coronavirus.

The demonstrators shouted “I want my life back” and held up signs saying “defend constitutional rights” and “freedom is not everything but without freedom everything is nothing”. 

The Constitutional Court ruled earlier this month that even during the lockdown demonstrations are authorized as long as the participants keep the safety distance.  Some of those who protested today tried to do so, sitting on the ground and wearing masks, but others gathered together. The police spokesman declared “According to the lockdown regulations, agents are obliged to prevent this type of gathering”.
Monza – 25th of April in the streets
The symbolic value of April 25 suggested that we snatch a little bit of freedom from this quarantine queue to pay homage to the partisans of Monza who fell in the struggle against Nazifascism.  So we set off in small groups to some of the many places that recall the events of local anti-fascism, offering a vivid testimony of our daily commitment to keeping alive the memory of the Resistance and an attempt to update its human and political value.
We later discovered that, like us, spontaneously and without public callouts, the same simple gestures had taken place in many other cities. A flower, a banner, a song: all around there has been news of small conscious insubordination to the diktat of domestic confinement, claiming the ability to self-determine and act safely. Matters that have a close correlation with a true concept of “freedom”. To “defile” the day, the now usual bulletin of episodes of intimidation and police violence that struck some comrades engaged in going around headstones in various areas of Milan. Fines, beatings, identifications, handcuffs become “simple checks according to the Coronavirus decrees”. In expressing solidarity and complicity with all those who mobilised yesterday, we repeat that it is precisely on the theme of individual and collective freedoms that it will be necessary to engage in these times of “emergency” and “state of exception”.
Monza antifascist

Turin – Waiting for the bus
In these times of emergency public transportation in circulation has been significantly reduce, resulting in endless waiting. The frequency of the vehicles of the various police forces around Turin, on the other hand, has probably never been greater.
And so last Wednesday a 43 year old man waiting for a bus at the stop in corso Tassoni, at the umpteenth passage of a police car rushed against the car remembering the fine received the previous day at the hands of their colleagues. “The police stopped me and fined me. Unjustly. And they will pay for this.”
These words, as well as several threats, were followed first by the launch of a shoe then punches and headbutts all aimed in the direction of the police car. Unfortunately for the man, he ended up in handcuffs for aggravated damage and threats to public officials, as well as with another fine for non-compliance with the anti-covid provisions. We will see if the GTT [Turin Transport Group] runs in defence of its heroes, increasing the number of trams and buses in Corso Tassoni.


Saronno : Anarchist banners on 25th April
During the night three banners were put up in the Matteotti neighbourhood, reading: “25th April today: let’s free ourselves of those who have sold out health”, “25th April today: let’s free ourselves of the State that is starving us”, “25th April today: let’s free ourselves of the police in the streets”.
[April 25 ‘Liberation Day’ a national holiday in Italy that marks the fall of Mussolini’s Italian Social Republic and the end of the Nazi occupation in 1945, near the end of the second world war.]
Turin – Demo with Gabrio social centre
According to the press, a demo of about 20 people took place today with unfurling of banners reading: “Capitalism is the virus, resistance is the cure” and “The San Paolo area is antifascist”.

Cagliari – Street protest for 25th April
25th April a day of protest in Cagliari: they took to the streets with banners, and were identified and fined by the Digos [political police]. Clamorous blitz in piazza Garibaldi in Cagliari: some leftist activists breached the virus bans and took to the streets with this banner, “25th April, I’m going out to protest”. All were rigorously wearing masks and keeping safe distancing, but police swooped on the spot, filming them; in hours to come they’ll be identified and inevitably fined.
Vicenza – graffiti in the night
Graffiti appeared in the night near LIDL and Eurospin in Vicenza
Milan – Antagonists breach the quarantine for 25th April: arrested by the police and then released
Tension in via Padova, militants of social centres tried to put flowers on partisans’ tombstones, breaching confinement rules. Moments of tension, pushing and pulling. The skirmishes broke out as police arrested a dozen antagonists who had organized a small march to honour the partisans on the day of 25th April, whose public celebrations have been suspended by the government due to the coronavirus emergency. Police cars intervened to identify and fine youths on bikes. But the atmosphere started to heat up, and soon they went from words and insults to fighting, as shown by videos filmed from home balconies in via Democrito, near via Padova.
After trying to avoid the control of the police, a girl was pushed violently, others were thrown down or dragged to the ground, to such an extent that some local residents came out to defend the social centres demonstrators. After they were identified, the demonstrators were still being followed by the police.
Another twenty social centres activists were arrested and identified in via Ascanio Sforza, in the Ticinese area. Later today other similar small demonstrations are expected to take place. So controls have been tightened all over the city.
Cosenza – 25th April for self-liberation
Today, 25th April 2020, by word-of-mouth and posters put up in recent days, we gathered in a spot in the city to spread editorial material and anarchist publications and give updates on the situation of some imprisoned comrades.
We are not interested in antifascist rhetoric of slogans and symbolic celebrations.
In spite of the events that are conditioning the lives of all of us in this period, many comrades have continued to write, think and act.
As many imprisoned comrades have maintained an attitude of conflict, even though in the prisons the difficulties in communicating with the outside have multiplied and the consequences for those who don’t give in have got harsher.
Everyday life in the presence of the virus has taught us to protect our lives and the lives of those around us through reason and awareness, not through the contradicting rules imposed by the National Government and regional governments, which have sent tens of thousands of people to the slaughter in complicity with private companies.
We trust in individual self-determination to continue to relate to one another without delegating our struggle to online platforms.
Anarchists in Cosenza
Naples – Protests staged by the unemployed in piazza Municipio, tension with the police
In spite of prohibitions, long time unemployed and Naples social centres were in the piazza; there were tensions with the police, 2 demonstrators were taken to the police station. In the morning, banners for the Liberation celebration by the group of unemployed “7 Novembre”, demanding “mass swabs and universal credit”, appeared in several neighbourhoods of the city: from Montesanto to Bagnoli and also in piazza Municipio, in the foreground of Palazzo San Giacomo, the Municipal premises.
Translated by act for freedom now!
via: plagueandfire.

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