VIDEO : Athens,Exarcheia Sq: Cops harassing people sharing food with those in need are forced to retreat

Athens, Greece: On Monday May 4th, 2020, cops bikers proceeded to harass members of the “Anti-Covid19 – Mutual Help Network” while sharing food on Exarcheia Square to people in need, under the Coronavirus crisis.
The well fed DELTA police bikers and OPKE cops demanded people to evacuate the square, claiming that the free food and the pots were occupying public space! Because after 6 weeks of quarantine, where people were unable to work or find food, what matters is the ‘tidiness’ of public spaces and not the people on them that go hungry.
Following a heated argument with more and more people that were coming to the spot to see what was happening, the policemen were forced to retreat and evacuate the place themselves under people’s solidarity and anti cop chants. As was the case approximately 3 weeks ago (Saturday, at the fruit and vegetable market at Exarchia, once again at the table of “Anti-Covid19 – Mutual Help Network” giving away free food and supplies. And again the policemen were forced to leave under people’s solidarity and anti cop chants.

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