Italy: News of Giuseppe, anarchist imprisoned for the “Prometeo” operation from the prison of Pavia

We have just learned that the court in Genoa rejected a request for house arrest on health grounds that lawyer Sommovigo had submitted on Giuseppe Bruna’s behalf.
Beppe’s health conditions, the comrade being particularly at risk of Covid-19 as he was admitted to hospital for a bad bronchial pneumonia a year and a half ago, weren’t taken into consideration at all, nor was the mildew covering the cell where he’s being detained.
On the contrary, what was taken into consideration was the fact that Beppe refused to answer questions during the interrogation, so his behaviour does not demonstrate that he is taking a distance from his way of life before the arrest. Nothing new, certainly; yet another demonstration that house arrest for health reasons is in fact assimilated to the prison legislation based on rewards.

The request was also submitted to the prosecutors working on operation ”Prometeo”, who have not pronounced themselves as for today. 
Beppe has regular access to video-phone calls and has received the money and the parcel. We received a letter from him, where he recalls his past as a health worker in care homes for the elderly, his battles against health directors and sadly also against doctors and even nurses. The usual examples of internal wars, which workers are hoping to get rid of in the near future.
At last Milan’s prosecutors have made available CDs with readable files related to ”Prometeo”. All the lawyers involved should receive a copy by next week. 
More news will follow soon.
source: RoundRobin
Translated by Act for freedom now!
Giuseppe Bruna
c/o C. C. di Pavia
via Vigentina 85
27100 Pavia

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