Athens, Greece – May 1st we are breaking the ban for the victory of the streets, not terror

If time froze for the hundreds of thousands of people staying home, the State has not lost a second in staging a new attack against the “underdogs”, in order to carry out another redistribution of the common wealth for the benefit of the bosses.

The enemy is not invisible

Let’s not get used to the new reality. Let’s organize the resistance collectively in each neighbourhood and self-organize in neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools, in every social field, to build networks of solidarity and struggle, to take back public space. So that
we, the unemployed, the occasional workers, the unemployed, locals and immigrants do not pay again for another crisis.

To preserve the perspective of a different world, without exploitation and oppression, we are not staying at home on the first of May…

War on the State and capitalism

Let’s build our barricades against the march of modern totalitarianism

Resistance – Self organization – Solidarity

Anarchist collectives and comrades

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