Italy : News from the State of Emergency issue 6 – Mural paper from Trentino

25th April: signals of mutiny

The appeal to breach confinement regulations on the April the 25th was taken up in quite diversified and creative ways. In Trento, a group of comrades came out into the streets in the San Pio X neighbourhood, keeping safe distancing and showing that it is possible to meet in the streets, in the open air, while protecting one and others’ health. The group – with a banner “Responsible, not obedient. Resistance now and always” – stayed up in the street for a good half hour, with speeches, music and chants; some came in solidarity and a number of local residents joined in, then a considerable number of police turned up and tried to identity those present. The cops’ attempt didn’t go well and the group left, chanting and greeting the people watching from their balconies.  Greetings to the prisoners of Spini di Gardolo later in the day.
From what we have read and heard, several banners and posters appeared in Rovereto in remembrance of partisans, against fascists and capital, in solidarity with the prisoners in struggle, against the logic of the bosses and the State that wants factories open and people shut at home… Several parks were “freed” of partition tape, and prohibition notices were replaced with others inviting people to use spaces collectively, keeping a distance. In Tierno, music in the piazza with neighbours bringing along homemade pizzas. In Mori, tour of the town with music and posters. In Noriglio, unfurling of banners, tour of the town with partisan songs and reading out leaflet; in Lizzanella, presence in the piazza with banners and music; in Fucine, posters and amplified speeches; in Brione, a group of comrades – wearing masks and keeping a distance from one another – went through part of the neighbourhood with a banner (“Self-organize to put an end to submission”) and a sound system. The first stop outside a block of flats attracted the interest of many people on balconies, who responded with a hearty round of applause; about a dozen people joined in the initiative. Among the many talks (on the structural causes of the epidemic, Confindustria [General Confederation of Italian Industry, a bosses’ federation] and the government’s responsibilities, against technological control in the name of health…), an invitation was launched to those with economic difficulties to self-organize and stop paying rent to Itea [social housing agency of the Trentino province] (whose directors had announced a rent freeze for shopkeepers but not for tenants). Perhaps due to unannounced appointments and different times, the comrades were already leaving when the police and Digos patrols turned up. Late in the evening, fireworks at three points in the suburbs of Rovereto.

Well said

«While industrial production is ruining what is left of the forests, wild food production is going even deeper, hunting for delicacies when not actually looting wild nature’s last strongholds. And that’s how the most exotic of pathogens, in this case Sars-2 hosted by bats, ends up on a lorry – on the prey or the workers, it doesn’t make much difference – and travels like a bullet from one extremity to the other of an extended urban circuit before bursting onto the global scene». In this way a group of US epidemiologists sum up the anything but mysterious causes of the ongoing epidemic. As they aren’t State experts, they don’t isolate the “enemy virus” from the material conditions of our lives. So what they say will never be heard on TV: «The agro-industry is at war with public health. And public health is losing». The most meaningful question ensues: «Can we carry on simply touching up the modalities with which we have taken over nature and hope for anything better than a truce with these infections?».

Going crazy with numbers

+ 20% C.A.
+ 18% P.S.
+ 20.2 % UHT
These are quarantine percentages, but they are not those that are being thrown at us by all the channels every day. They concern the purchase and consumption of ANIMAL PRESERVES, FROZEN FISH AND LONG LIFE MILK. It cannot be denied that the situation we are experiencing was favoured by intensive animal breeding and the consequent deforestation carried out to produce feed for animals destined to become meat for slaughter. We need to look at the way we see the world and relate to nature, put our ideas in question, stop seeing animals as objects destined to satisfy our whims masked as needs. Nothing will ever be as it was before. It’s up to us to make it sure it will be better.

“I was just obeying orders”

After the days of anger that exploded with revolts in many prisons in March, the orders given by the Ministry can be summed up as follows: «Don’t let anything move in the jails». As those infected (and dead) are increasing among both screws and prisoners, how do we think that certain orders are carried out? Humiliation, denuded beaten bodies. In the prison of Caserta, even shaved beards and heads. During a risky phone call a prisoner said: «From “detained” we have become “prisoners”, and there’s a big difference».
There will be those who are indignant about so-called violated “human rights”, but the truth is far more bitter. In prison structures, violence is what keeps the balance because it is the nature of power. When (and if) the “rotten apples” are fished out of the prison police, this must resound as the lie it has always been, because this is a systematic war operation (and hundreds of masked police storming a unit to massacre at random can give us an idea of this). And they will sadly be “right” when they say they were just obeying orders when they are betrayed by their superiors. Because prison, by its very nature, is an endless state of exception, where any order “from above” can turn into the nightmare of death. Let’s think about that the next time they tell us that the prison guard’s job is just a “job like any other”.
Cronache dallo stato di emergenza 6 PDF
Inferno Urbano, 29th April 2020
Translated by act for freedom now!

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