Imola, Italy – And if words became stones?

Imola, Italy – And if words became stones?
Some writings appeared in the town of Imola (province of Bologna) in March 2020, railing against the Police State and the obligation to stay indoors under democratically “voluntary” house arrest. 
We were stopped (in quite a ridiculous way typical of the Imola police) during our usual walks in defiance of the prohibitions a few weeks after some good citizens and various local politicians complained on social media and newspapers about the anger and violence expressed in the writings and the disfigurement of the precious town walls, and that day as well as the umpteenth fine some notifications also appeared.
Investigations, still ongoing, concerning the above-mentioned writings are saddling us with instigation to break the law, defacing and tagging, insulting the republic and the forces of order, violence or threats against the political body, and the start of a procedure for expulsion orders. 
Regardless of whoever did the writings, regardless of our guilt or lack of it, we can but smile thinking of those who continue to upset the peace, undisturbed hopefully. The charge of Instigation for these deeds doesn’t seem absurd to us. On the contrary. After all what else should words expressing hatred towards everything that represents Order do? 
So we are not worried or offended by such charges, as every time we express ourselves, in written words or burlesquely whispered ideas, we feel and are Delinquents. And if anyone talking to us or savouring some of our texts should feel instigated, well, the propaganda worked!
Besides, a few days after the notification, nice handmade posters (no copycentres open these days, imagine) kept appearing, roughly saying: OBEDIENCE IS NOT RESPONSIBILITY, they are destroying our lives with techno sociability and the militarization of the streets, let’s make sure that revolt is not lacking. Certainly the leitmotif of everything’ll-be-all-right, the rainbows and let’s-stay-at-home, haven’t grabbed the entire population of the town; perhaps the wave of fines and complaints, threats, chases haven’t extinguished the desire for self-expression.
Just as we weren’t loyal to Duty before, we still aren’t and never will be.
See you at the seaside, phase 2, three or what the fuck!
two wayfarers in covid, cofàtt, coddèt times?
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Translated by Act for freedom now!

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