France: Somewhere in France – irresponsible attack on a camera! (April 2020)

Attack on a camera during confinement 
I sabotaged a camera somewhere in France.
With this very modest contribution, I wanted to show that it’s possible to act alone and with very little material. I also wanted to show that, if the surveillance net is too tight, you can cut some of its mesh to open yourself a gap.
And echo two texts that I liked a lot recently:
«So we must review our practices, not rest on our laurels, and be aware that we are losing. To practice mass direct action massively means to develop a way of action that can give us back our advantage in the present social war, or, at least, allow us to create positive and offensive dynamics, which we desperately need » – [More than ever, for direct action.]
«Now that we are caught in this futuristic system, we can only declare war on normality if we don’t want to die of aseptic boredom» [In May, do what you like, a call to conflict.].
Finally, and above all, I simply wanted to send a big thank you to those who attack: you give me the courage to carry on.
an irresponsible
via: insuscettibilediravvedimento
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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