Italy – On operation “Ritrovo” (updated)

We publish a text that came to us from Bologna.
Note of 26/05/2020: upon the authors’ request we publish an updated version of the text (Roundrobin)

ON OPERATION “CI RIPROVO” [“I’m trying it again”, which rhymes with “ritrovo” (meeting place)]
Shortly after 2am on 13th May 2020 the umpteenth anti-Anarchist operation began in Bologna. Yet again, charges of subversive association (article 270bis) were brought about.
7 [comrades] ended up in prison, another 5 were given compulsory residence with night curfew; 4 of them also have to report to a police station daily. The anarchist info place “il Tribolo” and several homes were searched by 200 Carabinieri and ROS officers. The investigation, signed by prosecutor Dambruoso, set off in relation to the fire on a telecommunication pylon accompanied by the writing “switch off pylons awake consciences, solidarity with anarchists in prison and under surveillance”, which occurred on the Bologna’s hills in December 2018, an investigation that lay abandoned in a drawer of the prosecutor’s office from July 2019 to May 2020.

Why this is happening, the investigators admit with no shame: at a time when prisons are on fire it is necessary for the State to get rid of those who have always demonstrated their support for prisoners in struggle. Not only in words. And it is necessary to do so because with the times to come it’s better to play safe. To arrest preventively.
So for DAP [Department of Prison Administration] the revolts in prison – where 14 prisoners died in Italy alone – are the result of “anarchist-insurrectionalist instigation” or alternatively of “work of the mafia” but certainly not the unbearable conditions suffered by those who are locked up.
For the carabinieri and their “paper signers”, the mobilizations which took relatives and people in solidarity outside prisons during the lock-down are nothing other than alleged “anarchist exploitation intending to commit crimes”. The existence of hearts determined to tear off the blanket of indifference behind which in Bologna’s prison Dozza alone 2 prisoners died of coronavirus, is an inconceivable option for any servant of the state.
It is not the injustices and inequalities of a society based on abuse that generate the struggle and rebellion, but the work of proselytism carried out by some blog.
Plain and clear, under accusation in the ROS operation are antiauthoritarian ideas, the defence of practices of attack, support of anarchist prisoners, the non-dissociation from revolutionary violence, the participation in demos, the writing of posters, the printing of mural papers, but also, paradoxically, the will to prevent a demo in which one is taking part from being charged, and the bustling about to find a home where comrades can serve house arrest, the fact of meeting or living together.
Moreover, the participation in demos where cash machines were damaged, belonging to a bank that owns the building that was supposed to host the CPR of Modena, and the fiery hostility towards this kind of structure. But there’s more: someone is even alleged to have said they prefer direct action to mere demonstrations.
In a muddle such as only carabinieri can be, any logical reasoning is out of place…
However the intention to strike the struggle and solidarity is clear. Not to let them achieve this is up to each and every one.

Notes: [All the arrested comrades were released on 30th May]
Translated by act for freedom now!

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