Brussels, Belgium : Looting and Fires at the End of March Against Police

Clashes erupted this Sunday, June 7 at the end of the afternoon in the Brussels district of Matonge, at the end of the march, which brought together nearly 10,000 people on Place Poelaert “against police violence against people of color and racism in general.” The demonstration took place in solidarity with the anti-police uprising in the US, sparked by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
Police cars were notably attacked by individuals armed with bottles and cobblestones. Garbage cans were set on fire, barricades erected, shop windows broken and shops looted and at least one jewelry store completely robbed, especially in the Chaussée d’Ixelles and along the Boulevard de Waterloo.
Actions of international solidarity with the uprising in the US have now taken place in France, Greece, Germany, Mexico and Belgium, among other countries.
via: amwenglish

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