Italy : On the gathering outside the prison of Piacenza

In the early hours of 23rd May a large number of comrades in solidarity started to arrive in Piacenza and together we made our way towards the prison. Digos, police and carabinieri lined up along the road leading to the walls. They didn’t miss the chance to film those present. In spite of some technical problems with the sound system, we weren’t discouraged and gathered on the grass opposite the walls, where speeches and greetings were soon called out through a megaphone, accompanied by loud chants; in particular, “fire to the jails!” was taken up and repeated by some prisoners in the male unit, who throughout the gathering continued to shout their anger at this disgusting prison, its governor and the torturers in uniform. Numerous messages of solidarity were read out or made heard, messages in solidarity with Elena, Nicole, Natascia, prisoners of the criminal State and locked up in the prison of Piacenza.
After about three hours, a round of fireworks concluded the gathering, with the promise that it won’t be the last for as long as there are comrades behind bars, for as long as there are people locked up in these infernal places. The next appointment is in Bologna: this Saturday 30th May at 5pm in piazza VIII agosto (on the montagnola side)!


[Note: comrades Elena Riva and Nicole Savoia were released on 30th May along with Giuseppe, Leonardo, Stefania, Duccio and Guido]
Translated by act for freedom now!

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