Italy, Rome: 12/6/20 New police operation and arrests

Milan, Italy: Enjoy cars damaged in solidarity with Op. Bialystock prisoners

We received by anonymous mail and publish:

In Milan in the night of Friday June 12, 3 Enjoy cars were set on fire in response to the repressive operation that has struck the anarchists in Rome.
Everybody Free
Long live anarchy
Translated by Act for freedom now!


Rome – Comunique Op.Bialystock 13.6.20
About operation Bialystock
Here we go again.
The umpteenth anti-anarchist repressive operation began at dawn on 12/06/20 in the territories dominated by the Italian, French and Spanish States. In grand style, i.e. in balaclavas  and guns blazing, the guards searched several houses seized the usual material and arrested 7 people, 5 of whom are in prison, 2 are under house arrest.
Nothing new under the starry sky.
The State’s accusations against them are varied, among which the usual subversive association with aims of terrorism as well as fire, incitement to commit a crime, etc. etc.
Now, while it is not important to get involved in their judicial quibbles, it is necessary to confirm that direct action, mutual aid, the refusal of all hierarchy and all authorities, and the practice of solidarity are expressions of our anarchist tension. We are not interested in going into the logic of guilty/innocent, the individualities struck are our comrades and will have our closeness, solidarity and complicity.
Ros shit
To each their own
Some occupants of Bencivenga Occupato
For the moment the known addresses of the comrades are:
Nico Aurigemma
C.C Rieti
Viale Maestri Del Lavoro, 2 – 02100 Vazia (RI)
Flavia Di Giannantonio
C.C Femminile Rebibbia
Via Bartolo Longo 92. Roma 00156
Claudio Zaccone
C.C Siracusa Via Monasteri, 20C.
Contrada Cavadonna
Siracusa 96100
Pending further information we learn from the regime press that this morning 12.6.20 , the judiciary in Rome carried out 7 arrests resulting in 5 people being taken to jail within a repressive operation named “Bialystok”.

Arrests in Rome
The comrades Daniele, Nico, Francesca, Falla, Flavia, Claudio and Robi, have been arrested, perhaps for 270bis and instigation.
Named “operation Bialystock”, according to the newspapers seven comrades have been arrested with the accusation of association for the purpose of terrorism or subversion of the democratic order, act of terrorism with deadly devices and explosives, possession of and carrying explosive material, instigation to commit crimes against State personalities as well as fire and aggravated damage with the purpose of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order.
The investigations started after the explosive attack on the Roma San Giovanni carabinieri barracks  on December 7 2017.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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