Montreal, Canada: Fire at a luxury car rental company – June 15, 2020

via: Sans_Attendre
On the night of June 15-16, a luxury car rental company was target of an arson attack in Montreal . Three cars parked on the edge of the premises of ‘Location Paramount Leasing’, located in Duncan Road in Mont-Royal, were destroyed by fire late Monday.
The voluntary origin of the fire is proven and the arson section of the Montreal police has taken up the investigation.
“This is not the first time that a luxury car rental company has been targeted by arsonists.
A similar business, Location Prime Leasing , located two kilometres away, was targeted by arsonists three times in just one month, at the end of summer 2017 .
[Taken from the QMI agency via TVA Nouvelles, 06/16/2020]
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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