France, Contes (Alpes-Maritimes) : Repeated sabotage against the new relay antenna … but beware of the police in hiding

Contes (Alpes-Maritimes): Repeated sabotage against the new relay antenna … but beware of gendarmes in hiding – June 16, 2020
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In recent weeks, sabotage has increased against the installation of a Free relay antenna in Contes, in the Alpes-Maritimes, which is to be equipped with 5G technology. Gendarmes hiding in the surroundings arrested two young men on Tuesday June 16. It was on the occasion of these two arrests that we learned of several other sabotages against the same antenna.

“The site of the 5G relay antenna in Contes (Alpes-Maritimes), which has been the target of several acts of damage in recent weeks, was once again broken into on Tuesday, June 16 at nightfall. Only that evening the site had been placed under the surveillance of gendarmes from the Marseille research section and the Nice research brigade. The latter then proceeded to question two men aged 25, domiciled in Nice and in Tende (Alpes-Maritimes). This Thursday they were both arrested and charged as part of an open judicial investigation for “damage to the property of others by dangerous means and criminal association”. A judicial review has been requested against them, said the Nice prosecution.

These are the first arrests linked to repeated intrusions into this site operated by Free, the mobile operator. On April 30, cables had been cut while the installation site for this 21 m high relay antenna had just resumed after a month and a half of shutdown due to confinement. In mid-May, when the relay antenna was now installed and ready for use, another intrusion was spotted. The technical and scientific police then carried out surveys and a surveillance system was put in place. This did not prevent the damage, on June 15, of several cooling fans on the same site.
These repeated offences have occurred in a very tense local context. The Contes relay station has in fact been the subject of numerous disputes on the part of residents for several months already. The town hall and the inhabitants of this hinterland of Nice have indeed been opposing the installation of this equipment linked to 5G for almost a year. A first recourse was brought before the judge of summary proceedings of the administrative court, which opened legal proceedings for Free last August. A judgment on the merits is expected in the coming months […] The repeated damage to the site of the Contes relay antenna is also part of a very troubled national context. About twenty sabotages of relay antennas and symbolic destruction have been recorded since the beginning of April throughout the territory (Jura, Brittany, Paris region among others) ”
 [From Le Parisien, 18.06.2020]
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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