Aubenas, France – Full Moon /Black Out: first attempt (May 2020)

Claim for an incendiary attack on an electricity transformer
At times there are doubts among us. Some have few. Others none.
Could we face the consequences of a large scale black out? The dead, the chaos it would cause? Would we ourselves be able to survive such a transformation of the world? Perhaps not.
But leaving the world as it is, is even more unbearable, submitting to the blackmail that it would be even worse if the human and technological institutions were not there to manage our lives on our behalf, rather than accept taking risks by acting.
It is not a question of silencing all doubts. It is a question of being able to act anyway. Understanding that if our actions have any impact, if they undoubtedly cause some harm to beings we didn’t target, our passivity is just as murderous.

The so-much-spoken-of hospitals, cement anthills where devastated bodies and good intentions pile up that need to be protected at all costs because they make it possible «to save lives», need electricity supply and other raw materials in order to function, which definitely kill.
The technological peace drip-fed to the masses is a lie. The connected world is built on a mass grave and feeds on the dead and destruction. And the beautiful images of tablets in schools and care homes won’t change anything. The aperitifs on Skype taste of blood. The doubts we might have are traces of the humanist and State masquerade telling us that the system is indispensable to us. That everything carries on in the best way in the best possible world, and that it would be irresponsible for a few individuals to act selfishly by harming what belongs to all. This is not the time for a debate on selfishness. Our desire is to smash the myth according to which letting things continue has no consequences. What is common to all doesn’t interest us in the least, but it should be pointed out that it is limited to a certain part of the human population, without touching all the beings that live on this big stone we call Earth, of course. 
For us it will always be preferable to act with possible doubts rather than let the latter feed a sense of impotence.
Because out of our impotence our death will come, and what we want more than anything is to live. To live by returning the blows we receive. To live without the human and technological mediation that is imposing itself between us and the rest of the world. And when we become aware of being conditioned, when we think of all the horror the world generates, our doubts matter little. 
We attacked the electricity network because today, without it, this civilization would collapse. We don’t desire to return to some time in the past. We have no illusions about the fact that some civilizations were built without electricity. All we know is that this one relies on it so much as to be unable to do without it. And that this is one of its weak points. And even if we are its offspring, and it couldn’t be otherwise, we are struggling to kill the germs it was able to leave in us. We are struggling against our domestication, our submission to norms, our cowardice and our love of security.  
But we use some of the instruments it provides us with. Because it is no longer possible for rebels to communicate by smoke signals, and we are still interested in putting words to our actions, which can reach those who wish to read them, and can also be a considerable component of our attacks against docility, the people who create it and those who defend it. The acts of destruction around us in recent times are many.
Thank you brave hands that refuse to be confined in times when even part of the «radical» movement want to see us shut at home because it is more important to be «safe» than to try to be free.
Thank you to those for whom writing means something because it is necessary to share our thoughts so that our acts resound with the intentions that animate us. Because the fact of reading texts calling for attack, sharp analyses and claims plays a part in modelling our ideas, conceiving new strategies of attack. Besides, that is the reason for wanting to inscribe our attack in the call to conflict launched by the text «In May do what you like: a call to conflict», whose numerous questions we have made our own, to which, with our attack, we wanted to give some elements of response. Because, whatever you say about it, these texts come out of the dematerialized horror of the Internet to nourish debates, reflections and give strength to the living.
Attempts are made, sometimes without even knowing exactly what one will come up against. The only thing we do know is that through our acts things won’t remain intact.
We chose to attack an electricity transformer without knowing what damage we would cause, but hoping for beautiful electric arcs, a lot of smoke and fewer lights to give space to the full moon. We need nothing else to brighten us up and artificial lights are an offence to the beauty of the night.
As we were approaching the site, in the Aubenas area, we carried with us the imaginary memory of all the tormented souls who have rebelled against the civilizations that tried to destroy their wild lives. We set fire to six spots, mainly on cables assembled beneath cement slabs, noisy but easy to lift. We took care not to touch metal structures and apart from some slight discomfort, a buzzing sensation in the head, nothing serious happened to us as we walked around the terminal point of three high voltage lines. As we were leaving the site, our bodies tensed with adrenaline and smiles under our scarfs, the fires had caught well.
Unfortunately the artificial lights surrounding us didn’t go out. We will probably never know what damage was done to the electricity network because the media didn’t mention it. One more reason for us to do it ourselves, so as not to give them the opportunity to silence our efforts.  Presumably, neither the city nor the surrounding valleys suffered much damage. Too bad! We tried. The only real way to know where it is good to attack is to try everywhere. We have no doubts about the fact that there will be further attempts.
Our hearts are burning with the desire to extinguish the monster-machine once and for all. Because hatred and disgust for the civilized human mass seep through all the pores of our skin. Because only lights we like at night are those of flames and reflections of the moon.
Des Rejetons du Désastre.
Offspring of Disaster
French: attaque
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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