Paris, France – Fire to Municipal vehicles (19/05/2020)

Hear ye, hear ye honest citizens!
Happy subjects of the best of all worlds. The show will start again. Business as usual!
After this unfortunate but very useful interruption (which had made it possible to test new techniques of surveillance and control on a large scale), the electoral circus will take place, at last, on 28th June [day of the second round of the municipal elections, which should have taken place on 22nd March but was postponed because of the coronavirus epidemic]. Are you ready?
It matters little to us to know who will be the next mayor of this city. Against all forms of power and political control, whatever side it is on.
As a small contribution to this epoch, which seems propitious to night actions carried out by small groups, in the night between 18th and 19th May we set fire to a van and a car belonging to the municipality of Paris, in rue Corvisart.
Down with authority, long live freedom!
via: insuscettibile di ravvedimento
Translated by act for freedom now!

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