Lecce, Italy : Guilty of solidarity: three benefit nights for anarchist prisoners

Received via email and translated by act for freedom now!
Twenty custodial measures in less than a month: this is the result of the umpteenth repressive operations against anarchists in Italy. As they accused [the comrades] of the usual crime of “subversive association with purposes of terrorism” to justify the arrests, given the inconsistency of the evidence the inquisitors decided to change tactic and to count on two aspects in order to underpin their requests: the crime of “instigation to commit a crime” and solidarity.
While the former allows to persecute anyone who speaks during a demo by accusing them of instigating – something that every anarchist tries to do – the different forms of solidarity seem to be the new ground for criminalization, to such an extent that they are mentioned as an indication of guilt in order to strike with preventive arrests.
It does so happen that solidarity is one of the strong points of anarchist ideas and action, and to try to strike and criminalize this practice means to try to push further into a corner anyone who cares for freedom, their own and others’. To respond by continuing to practice it in its endless modalities is the least we must continue to do.
Thursday 2/7 9pm
Les Trois Lézards: Music and dance from both sides of the Alps meet, lying in the sun like lizards
Thursday 9/7 9pm
Out of tune night: shameless karaoke for voices in tune or not. If you have never sung for fear of hitting a wrong note, you’ll feel comfortable here!
Thursday 16/7 9pm
Los Skifos: the right combination between the senselessness of Italian songs and punk hard-core anger. Just a step away from legend
All nights, bar and anarchist publications distro
Biblioteca Anarchica Disordine
Via Delle Anime 2C, Lecce, Italy

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