Italy – op. ”Bialystok” : Outcome of the judicial review

Round Robin / Friday July 3 2020
We have just learned the outcome of the judicial review for the prisoners and those detained in Italy in Operation Bialystok. [that’s to say Nico, Flavia and Claudio, imprisoned, plus  Paska and Daniele, who were put under « house arrest » (prison at home) ; NdAtt.] 
Paska is now free as there are no precautionary requirements. The other three precautionary measures in prison have been confirmed. Charges of association, instigation with the aggravation of terrorism remain.
As far as the prisoners abroad are concerned, the review process will not start before extradition to Italian soil.
A reminder of the addresses to write to them:
Nico Aurigemma
Casa Circondariale di Terni
Strada delle Campore, 32
05100 – Terni (Italy)
Claudio Zaccone
CC di Siracusa
Strada Monasteri, 20
Contrada Cavadonna
96014 – Siracusa (Italy)
Flavia Di Giannantonio
C.C di Roma Rebibbia
Via Bartolo Longo, 72
00156 – Roma (Italy)
Francesca Cerrone
C.P. de Almeria-El Acebuche
Ctra. Cuevas-Ubeda, km 2,5
04030 – Almería (Spain)
Roberto Cropo
N° d’écrou : 1010197
Maison d’arrêt de Fresnes
1, allée des Thuyas
94261 – Fresnes Cedex (France)
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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