Turin, Italy : The ”Scripta Manent” appeal trial has begun – Updates

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This morning July 1st, 2020 the first hearing of the appeal trial for the “Scripta Manent” inquest took place in the bunker court of the Vallette (Turin) prison.
The imprisoned accused (apart from Gabriel Pombo Da Silva) followed the hearing by videoconference.  In court and in the square in front of it a handful of people in solidarity were present.
Gabriel’s situation has been deleted for the moment due to notification problems because of his transfer from the prison of Badajoz to that of Leon, the judge reserving his re-inclusion for the future when notification problems are resolved.
The bulk of the hearing was taken up with the discussion of several objections lodged by defence lawyers regarding the recourse in appeal presented by PM Sparagna for those acquitted at the first degree trial. In particular it seemed evident that the PM had not respected the deadlines to present his appeal, but an acrobatic recalculation by the judges ruled late in the afternoon that the appeal is valid … so the trial will also go ahead for the defendants acquitted in first instance.
The next hearings are set for July 15 and 22, then it will go to September (and probably beginning of October).
As written on the banner exposed today outside the courtroom:
“Against the criminalisation of solidarity, always accomplices!”
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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