Athens,Greece: Update from repressive operations in Victoria Square on Saturday 4th July, 2020

On Saturday 4th July around 12 midnight riot police made their appearance in Victoria Square in order to transfer the migrants living there to the Amygdaleza detention centre with the excuse being the insufficient and unhealthy living conditions at the square. After the migrants’ refusal to leave and the interventions of solidarians who had gathered at the spot, the cops violently attempted to take people into the police transportation vans. They took approximately 10 people, some of whom were immediately released, the transportation van left while other police vans remained in front of the OTE building.
After a while and as the migrants had calmed down a bit and as the solidarians were starting to leave, riot police appeared from all sides of the square and attacked everyone, holding more than 20 people they randomly found on the nearby streets, hitting and dragging them to the vans.

At the same time, additional forces of riot police entered the square, hit the people there and tried to send them away towards the 3rd Septemvriou and Patission Street as their plan was to fully evacuate the square. The migrants left injured without their belongings and scattered around the city centre. 22 people have been taken into custody in the police station of Kypseli. Among them there is one person with a dislocated shoulder and a woman separated from her children, who remained in the square.
At the time of writing, migrants have returned to the square while the streets towards the police station of Kypseli are blocked by police motorcycles.

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