Italy : COR FURORE NER CORE – WITH RAGE IN THE HEART Economic support for Op.Bialystok


June 12 yet another antianarchist repressive operation is unleashed, this time in the territories dominated by the Italian, French and Spanish State. Police, in particular the ROS of Rome, raided various habitations, seized the usual paper and computer material, arresting 7 people.
Still today 5 of them are in prison, one is under house arrest and another freed following the review.

The accusations the State is making against them are varied, including the usual subversive association for purposes of terrorism, terrorist attack, fire, instigation to commit a crime, etc. etc.
Moreover experiences of solidarity related to other repressive situations are put under attack.
All this does not surprise us.

Every thought and gesture that pushes towards the subversion of the state of imposed things will continue to be persecuted and condemned by State justice, which among its functions has that of getting out of the way anyone who radically criticizes, also through offensive actions, the forms of this deadly civilization.
This is why it is of no interest to get into the logic behind State justice, based on the dichotomy between guilty and innocent / good and bad / right and wrong. Consequently it is preferable to continue to imagine and experiment with other ways of being in the world, oriented towards the attack on every hierarchy / authority, and go ahead with the practices of mutual support and solidarity always considered valid.
It is important to prevent isolation of the prisoners with all possible tools, including that of correspondence, at this time.
It is also necessary to deal with the economic aspect, which will cover both legal fees and the day to day expenses of the prisoners.
A special IBAN address has been created for anyone wanting to contribute. For those who feel the need to specify the destination of the contribution (legal fees or living expenses) you can do so by writing it in the reason for payment.

COD.IBAN: IT40B3608105138206892206896
INTESTATARIO: Pietro Rosetti

A reminder of the addresses to write to them:
Nico Aurigemma
Casa Circondariale di Terni
Strada delle Campore, 32
05100 – Terni (Italy)
Claudio Zaccone
CC di Siracusa
Strada Monasteri, 20
Contrada Cavadonna
96014 – Siracusa (Italy)
Flavia Di Giannantonio
C.C di Roma Rebibbia
Via Bartolo Longo, 72
00156 – Roma (Italy)
Francesca Cerrone
C.P. de Almeria-El Acebuche
Ctra. Cuevas-Ubeda, km 2,5
04030 – Almería (Spain)
Roberto Cropo
N° d’écrou : 1010197
Maison d’arrêt de Fresnes
1, allée des Thuyas
94261 – Fresnes Cedex (France)
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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