Athens,Greece: We call for a solidarity gathering with those arrested at the demo on 9/7/20 against the new law for the prohibition of demonstrations

We call for a solidarity gathering with those arrested at the demonstration against the new law for the prohibition of demonstrations, at the courts in Evelpidon, in Athens Friday 10/07/2020, at 12:00.
We will not talk about the absurdity of the new bill. Because it is absurd to get permission from those below to oppress whoever protests. Nor will we talk about the injustice of this world of oppression, exploitation, personalization and misery.
But we will talk about the comrades who were arrested today, the people who protested against the State’s intervention and are being held hostage.
Thousands of people took part in the march on Thursday 09/07/2020 and marched in the city centre, expressing their opposition to the new bill. Among other things, clashes erupted with State bodies defending the above. In fact, deltas [motorbike police] did not hesitate to intervene in various parts of it, going into the demo with raised truncheons, dismantling it and revealing their mood to injure them.
During this process, 15 people were taken to various places. Of them, 9 were selected to be turned into arrests for the cops to produce ‘work’. Furthermore, 3 people were selected for reasons unknown to us, either due to their appearance, gender or political beliefs, to be
prosecuted for crimes, piling a lot of charges on them.
But they have not calculated the world of struggle, collectivization and solidarity. We will not allow Chrisochoidis, (Minister of Citizen Protection ) police bosses, judges and other government officials to build careers and make our comrades physical and legal hostages.
They will have to put them on all of us!
Judges, cops, prison guards, hands off the people in struggle and those from below in this world. Indivisible solidarity with those arrested and detained while protesting against the new bill restricting demonstrations.
Dervenion 56 squat
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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