Pisa, Italy : 10 years of Garage Anarchico

11th July 2020
– From 5pm, showing of the documentary “Igniting a Revolution” A story of Earth Liberation Front
– Followed by Discussion and Benefit dinner for the comrades of the Scripta Manent trial
In 2010 a new anarchist and ecologist space opened in the city… ten years have now passed. Many comrades and people in solidarity have come through the Garage, relations have been woven, numerous projects undertaken, ideas of rebellion spread through initiatives, papers but above all meeting and talking together. Now times have changed, but what hasn’t changed is the irresistible instinct of freedom that shakes us up and the topics that have characterized the place’s activity.
On the day of the inauguration it was decided to show the video “Igniting a Revolution”, which will now be shown again on the occasion of this initiative. The video is about the experience and ideas of Earth Liberation Front, a name under which many groups and individuals gave a hard time to the destroyers of the earth between the 1990s and 2000.

Today the global situation has changed somewhat compared to past decades, domination is weaving its networks in a different way… but some things remain the same. The existent and its load of toxicity required, still requires and will require to be fed. The energy system has always served this function, which is why it must be fought! Not only because of its consequences for the environment and for people, but also because it is thanks to energy that industrial society, technological progress, militarism, factory farming, agriculture 4.0 and so on are made possible. So we think it is important to talk about it and not just to state the obvious, but to discuss how different methods and struggles have been tried throughout the years and decide which of these approaches seem most interesting at the present time.
Some struggles started off from certain ganglia relevant to the system. It was decided to concentrate on one specific question, often in a circumscribed territory, look for complicities in parts of the population and attack the companies directly involved. Other specific struggles are against the destruction of wild territories and the elimination of the indigenous populations who live in them. The Mapuche territories in Chile for example, where the struggle against the energy multinationals, old and new colonialists and the State has expressed itself continuously and radically over the years.
As already said, the landscape of domination is continuously changing. One phenomenon that is interesting to observe is the progressive decentralization of the energy system. It doesn’t have a centre but endless nodes, whose interdependence essentially means vulnerability. How should we relate today to a specific struggle that is rising up, when the energy network, distributed everywhere, is showing us its bare nerves? Would it be better to take the example of the many actions carried out recently in Europe and consider attacking the energy system at random? Or do both hypothesises, the one not excluding the other, on the contrary they can strengthen each other? 
We are dedicating this day to our dear comrade Paola, who is always alive in our hearts and in our struggles.
Garage Anarchico – Chiassetto S. Ubaldesca 44 ( zona S. Martino) Pisa

Translated by act for freedom now!

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