Volos city, Greece: V. Maggos was savagely beaten by riot cops at a solidarity demo ,1 month later he is found dead

The funeral of Vassilis Manggos took place yesterday (16/07/20)  at the city  of Volos, where hundreds of comrades and people together with he’s parents for the last goodbye…
Vassilis Maggos himself had written on June 18/6/20 :
“Because a lot of people asked, informed themselves, were interested, I think I should make known that I was discharged last night, after 4 days’ hospitalization. Today I went for a check-up, of course my vital organs still have injuries, nevertheless they are in a stable condition and show signs of improvement. To thank all the people who did not let yet another
incident of police violence, arbitrariness and human rights violation remain in silence and darkness and to remind us that we must all keep our eyes open and never give up. I would also like to thank the medical staff who, in the vast majority, first tolerated me and secondly stood up to the situation, taking a stand against the brutality of the State. So, my last photo, from the hospital and my first from home …
And now the difficulties begin …
2-3 months of recovery and who knows how many years and if I’ll find my right …… But … Smile, eh … What do they ask you? “
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Vasilis Maggos was savagely beaten by riot cops at a solidarity demo. 1 month later he is found dead

The video that you’ll see depicts the brutal riot police attack against 27-year-old Vassilis Maggos on Sunday, June 14, 2020 in the greek city of Volos, during a rally of solidarity to the detainees of the previous day’s protest (13/6) against the polluting garbage burning by LAFARGE / AGET companies and against the creation of an SRF factory by the Municipality of Volos.
According to myvolos. net, Vassilis Maggos was found dead in his room by his mother yesterday evening (July 13, 2020). “The mother tried to bring her son back to life and notified the emergency services, but it was already late. The police rushed to the spot and examined the area, ruling out any criminal activity and requested an autopsy – necropsy to determine the causes of death of 27-year-old Vassilis Maggos, who almost a month ago had been recorded to be brutally attacked by the riot police outside the Courts of Volos.
According to a post at the time by the “People’s Assembly against Garbage Incineration” the originally posted the above video on June 14, 2020, The young man was savagely beaten in front of passers-by in the center of Volos and was taken to the Magnesia Police Department. In the car that transported him, according to his father’s testimony, the police continued to beat and abuse him. The severe beating continued inside the police headquarters building.
They beat him mercilessly, breaking his ribs until the young man shouted “I cannot breathe”.
At the height of the violence, the police tortured him. When he asked for water, they took him to the freezer and gave him water drop by drop just to torture him and while he could not stand on his legs. In the end, they released him so that he could be taken to the hospital, because he needed immediate medical treatment. His condition was so dire that the doctors were afraid that his broken bones may pierce his vital organs”.
“Amongst his injuries, he had suffered 7 broken ribs and vital organ injuries”.

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