Fresnes, France: From Fresnes prison : A letter (second) from Roberto Cropo

Posted on 25 July 2020 by Attaque
Fresnes,  18 July 2020
Dear comrades,
I am writing to tell you that I am in good shape, moral is good and I continue to have a lot of energy!I’m taking this opportunity to thank everyone who wrote to me, who thought of me, who supported me, from the bottom of my heart. I won’t hide from you that when I get letters it puts me in a good mood and that gives me a lot, a lot of strength.
I also had the pleasure of learning about the campaign of defamation through a few newspaper articles that have been consecrated to me[1]. Nothing surprising, the media are an instrument of power, used to tarnish our personalities and to fuel the lies that justify my imprisonment! I send them all back my contempt, as also the investigators of this umpteenth repressive operation.
After almost a month in the closet, during the sentencing for my extradition which I opposed,
I had the opportunity to read the French version of the accusations against me and finally learned the reasons for which I am imprisoned. In a word, they accuse me of being an anarchist because in reality there is not much in my file. Only ideological attacks and solidarity offences!

What more can I say, you have done nothing new dear accusers, anarchist ideas have existed for several centuries and for all that time you have wanted to pillory them. You attack the solidarity given to prisoners but when will you realise you will never be able to imprison certain ideas, certain ideals, or even judge them? Such a wonderful idea as this, which so many people are carriers of in the world, can never be stopped. There is no cop, no prison, no court that can prevent it from living wherever it is. Today, you lock up our bodies but not our ideas and the solidarity that I get makes me understand even more that we will never be as you want us to be. And that a thousand flowers of solidarity will blossom again!
A warm greeting to all imprisoned anarchists everywhere the world, to whom I send all my strength! Greetings to all the prisoners who fight against prison and who do not bow their heads before the injustices suffered!
Against the world they want to impose on us, against your repression, against your democratic dictatorship!
For Anarchy, long live freedom!
With rage and determination


As a reminder, Roberto is still imprisoned in Fresnes prison [contrary to what Le Progrès say; Translator’s Note] while awaiting extradition. The deadline for the Italian authorities was set for July 24 but the summer coupled with the health situation means that this duration could be extended by several days, weeks or even months. So it is still possible to write to him at this address:
Roberto Cropo
N. d’écrou : 1010197
Centre pénitentiaire de Fresnes
1, allée des Thuyas
94261 – Fresnes Cedex
Note :
[1] Roberto fait référence aux articles parus dans le mal nommé Progrès
et sur France Bleu Saint-Étienne
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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