Non Serviam will be playing Sonic Unrest Fest Vol 3 (curated by CVLT Nation)

We’re stoked to participate to the Sonic Unrest Vol 3 fest, curated by CVLT Nation, and allowing bands to perform live despite the current pandemic.

28/9/20 Updates: Our full special set is now online
Non Serviam Live @ Sonic Unrest Vol. 3 (CVLT Nation)
Improvising live in the woods (more infos inside) :
A special 38mn set containing a heavy psychedelic improvisation on a text by Aloysius Bertrand will be presented by two members of our collective with a guitar, a keyboard, effect pedals & loopers, harmonica, two voices and visual effects. Other bands will be playing, check them out also : Dephosphorus (Greece), Ohyda (Poland), Corrosion (Iceland) and Lares (Germany).
It’s september 26th 2020
Don’t miss it !
via: nonserviam

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