Ljubljana, Slovenia: In solidarity with Terra Incognita and Rosa Nera in Greece,we stand on the ground from where we fight

In solidarity we stand on the ground from where we fight.
Autonomus factory Rog as a squat and a comnunity that we build within this walls very much understands what resisting to the authoritys is in terms of keeping an occupied space to build self-organised structures of self-education, solidarity and mutual aid, against all types of exclusions and discrimination withing the local context.
Therefore we also clearly stand in solidarity with all comerades around the world struggling to do the same because we understands this pockets of liberated teritorry as an esencial tool in our stuggle for freedome. In this moment therefore we would like to send our message of power of to the comerades in Terra Incognita and Rosa Nera.Make them liberated territory again!In solidarity AT Rog Ljubljana.

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