Bath, UK : Solidarity Burn for the Six 5G Orange Arsonists, France

We torched an Orange mast in the South West; a few miles outside of Bath (UK), to show that we too despise the dodgy technlogy that promises to enhance our futures, while imprisoning our minds.  Solidarity with the six comrades who were arrested for an arson attack on an Orange relay 5-SFR antenna that was burnt in the industrial zone of Douai-Dorignies, France.

Act locally, give solidarity globally….

….especially solidarity with those on the streets across the world who
have resisted lock-downs, and pushed beyond the mediated options of
social media, to physically attack the racist police, and all the
structures that support them.  

See you on the streets. Stay safe, stay rowdy.
Received on : 28/9/20

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