May the fire of revolt burn their world of papers and borders Athens,Greece EN/GR

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Most states nowadays like to dress in pacifist clothes, which is of course only a facade. This social order is maintained through wars, the associated production of weapons and border security. Even if in most European realities, the consequences of all of this can easily be ignored, it is precisely there that the biggest arms producers and exporters are to be found. So even if the bombs do not detonate on our doorstep, we are surrounded by their developers, researchers and profiteers.
Millions of people cross the borders every day, despite all the obstacles that this world puts in front of them like barbed wire, money, identity cards, military, surveillance and so on. It is becoming more and more difficult to move undetected and the authorities are developing new technologies to make clandestine movement impossible. The expansion of biometric facial recognition, for example, which identifies and tracks people through cameras linked to image databases.
New developments in technology also supports the fact that warfare and massacring people (because of territorial, religious and economic issues) becomes something abstract. Because pressing a few buttons or operating a joystick creates a greater distance between the killer and the killed and this provokes less ethical conflict.

Through the creation of supranational structures such as the EU, NATO, the European Border and Coast Guard (Frontex), etc., effective warfare and border security is achieved. Greece, for example, can portray itself as a martyr of the European border protection. So they can use any means (shots fired, tear gas, destroying boats of refugees etc.) while being supported by the other European countries, because it is after all their common external border.
But the facade of their disgusting game – in which an individual is worth nothing, is erased into a mass to be managed and becomes subject of power-political questions – is crumbling. After 170 days of curfew, quarantine for all camp residents, many cases of tuberculosis and scabies, no food and medical care – Camp Moria on Lesvos (originally designed for 3,000 people, more than 13,000 people lived there) burns down almost completely on the night of September 9th. A few days later a fire also breaks out in the Camp Vathy on the island Samos, but is quickly put out. Since then, more than 12,000 people are sleeping on the streets of Lesvos – without shelter, sanitation and access to food, blocked and attacked by the cops and fascists. The Greek state quickly opened a new administrative prison, consisting of hundreds of white tents on a former military shooting range. However, the people there make it clear: “We would rather die here than to go to another camp”. The inmates of Moria are now no more homeless than before. Moria was not a home, it was a prison.
We are not interested in making demands of the state for the issuing of papers, the opening of borders or the protection of so-called human rights. Because as long as there are papers, there will be included and excluded. As long as there are laws and law enforcement officers, there will be legal and illegal. And as long as there are states and borders, there will be wars, exploitation and persecution.
We do not want to cooperate in any way with their disgusting logic and believe that it is possible everywhere to attack the structures of domination that form such a world.
Representatives from police, politics and military from all over the world will gather at November 24th till 26th in the Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens for the World-Borders-Security-Congress ( to strengthen their international relationships and exchange their experiences, new technologies and strategies. While the misery of the refugees on the islands reaches climax, those responsible for their situation will meet in Athens to discuss how to empower their border security and expand their defence politics. Our answer can only be attack! Let us sabotage and attack this congress! And let us go beyond and destroy their prison-society, there are infinite points of attack! The responsible exist, they have names and addresses and we are surrounded by them. The parliament, the migration department, party offices, police stations, job centres, technology developers, weapons producers, construction companies of deportation camps and prisons and all others who contribute to the daily misery.

Let the spark of the revolt of Moria be the start of a blazing fire against their world of borders, nations and imprisonment! Here and everywhere!

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