Chania, Crete: Weekly action 21-27/9/20 by SolidarityAssembly to Rosa Nera

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Actions for free public spaces and Rosa Nera this week:
Monday 9/21 – 18:00: D. Agora Square, March remembering the ruthless murder of Zak Costopoulos / Zackie – Oh. Call from the Gender Disorder Assembly:
2 YEARS WITHOUT THEM, ZACKIE ASKS FOR JUSTICE on 9/21/2018 Zak Costopoulos / Zackie Oh was ruthlessly murdered in downtown Athens by bosses and cops, under the silent complicity of passers-by. The media, covering up the crime, talked about some “junkie”, “thief” etc. and respectable citizens who defended their property.
Zackie was killed like so many others because they did not fit into the standards of this society.
We don’t forget. We don’t forgive.
We fight for a world that will fit us all.

Tuesday 22/9 – 17:00: Open assembly at the People’s Park of Peace and Friendship

Wednesday 23/9 – 20:00: Pisodeio Square, screening of the documentary
“Welcome to Chechenia” [1] from the Social Centre – Centre for Immigrants, about both the murder of Zak Costopoulos and the upcoming court of Ivi who was mocked and beaten because she is trans.

Friday 25/9 – 9:00: Gathering at the Courts, about the case of the murderous racist attack on Ivi. Call from collectives of Chania:

In June 2016, Ivi was viciously attacked by two men near Neoria in the Old Town of Chania. The attack took place in front of open shops in full view. After the incident, she demanded their prosecution for racially motivated beatings. However, she was afterwards accused of illicit prosecution by the attackers and now she is called to apologize. Ivi, as a trans woman who lives and works in the Greek reality, knows very well what racism towards any individual who deviates from the prevalent norms means.
It is a daily battle for presence in the public space, for dignity and the defence of human life itself. Ivi was ridiculed and beaten because she is trans. Four years after the attack on Ivi and two after the murder of Zak Costopoulos / Zackie Oh, the fight to eradicate gender-based violence and transphobia is more necessary than ever. In a world dominated by individualism, social apathy and distancing, we propose change.


Translated by Act for freedom now!

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