Hamburg – Fire and flame to the police station 21

On 28.9.2020 we set fire to a group vehicle of the police in front of the police station in  Mörkenstraße.
Fire and flames to the police station 21
– Solidarity with the 3 from the park bench!
– Solidarity with Liebigstraße 34!
The intervention of the neighboring fire department could not prevent a total loss.
In the ’10s, police department 21 was rather ineffective in countering rebellious, insurgent activities in its precinct. Several violent gatherings took place in front of the house of the then mayor and current finance minister, Scholz, which is located almost in the immediate vicinity of the station, the house was pelted with paint, a police container parked in front of the house was demolished, and a police bus belonging to the guards was torched.

In the southern area of the Station 21, in the streets Breite Straße, Palmaille, Große Elbstraße, Klopstockstraße, Elbchaussee, real estate offices, upper class residential buildings, shipping companies (involved in colonial crimes or in the uranium business) were repeatedly attacked. Cars from the “Deutsche See” (fishes the seas empty) and from the “Frischeparadies” (fills the stomachs of the rich) were set on fire. In nearby Ottensen, a dennsbiosupermarket was looted.
And then, during the G20 summit, a Black Block ploughed its way from Donners-Park to the Große Bergstrasse shopping mile just a few hundred meters away from the police station. Helplessly, civil cops had to watch as the shopping zone was flattened. In the night, civilian officers of the Mörkenwache were on their way in the northern district, equipped with mountain bikes, pepper, telis etc. In Arnkielstraße they beat up three suspected barricade builders and arrested them, actually forcing a person into the trunk of a civilian vehicle and an officer sitting on the trunk lid. This brutal arrest led to a resident reported to the police an abduction (!).
On the anniversary of the G20 riots, luxury cars were burning on Rainville Terrace.
One year later, civilian officers of the Revierwache 21, were on the Altonaer Balkon (probably because of the date, they speculated that actions could happen here).
On this night, July 8, 2019, however, they will be ordered to a park near Meißnerstraße in Eimsbüttel. Here they arrested the 3 comrades from a park bench and brought them to the “responsible” guard in Troplowitzstraße. The State Security Service, which had been relatively unsuccessful for decades, quickly presented the arrest as a mega-success against the radical left.
However, the two central goals of the operation, first, to shed light on the militant initiatives of at least the ’10s and second, to prevent militant actions in the future, were not achieved.
Despite months of observation by the mobile task force, wiretapping and surveillance of several locations by cameras, the State Security Service was unable to present any findings that could be used in court. They do not even know what was supposed to happen that night. But at least they could take revenge on the arrested persons, who have now been in custody for 15 months or have reporting requirements.
We call on everyone to fight with the residents on October 9, 2020, the day of the planned evacuation of Liebigstraße 34 in Friedrichshain/Berlin, or to build up pressure before then. The intention to evict is a central component of a pacification of the relatively rebellious northern neighborhood and is intended to break the fighting in Berlin for a solidarity city and against the city of the rich.
All power to the inhabitants of Liebig 34!

Blocking the §129 proceedings in Berlin and Athens, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, Leipzig, Saxony/Thuringia

We dedicate this action to Olaf Ritzmann, who 40 years ago in August 1980 at Sternschanze station was driven in front of a suburban train by the cops during a mission for the federal election campaign of F.J. Strauß and died at the age of only 16 years.

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