Yogyakarta, Indonesia: claim of burning a luxury car by The Fire Cells Conspiracy / Nemesis Action

GR: Ινδονησία, Γιογκιακάρτα: “ΣΠΦ / Δράση Νέμεσις” – Ανάληψη ευθύνης για τον εμπρησμό πολυτελούς αμαξιού
We claim the burning of a luxury car in front of the Sinar Mas office last night on Ring Road Utara Yogyakarta. And it’s not just solidarity for combatants on the streets against the Omnibus Law. But because we understand that the Sinar Mas Group is responsible for the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia to be converted into the palm oil industry.
Solidarity for all combatants throughout Indonesia. Solidarity with Belarus. Solidarity for anarchists in Chile, Greece, Hong Kong, Rojava!
Long Live the Rebellion!
“We want the world and we want it on fire”.
The Fire Cells Conspiracy / Nemesis Action.

Received on : 9/10/20

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