Italy – Uncensored solidarity 

The decision of the court of review concerning Carla following a hearing held behind closed doors on Friday, was made known today.
The magistrates dropped the charge of subversive association for her, as had already happened for the comrades arrested following ”operation Scintilla” in February 2019. The alternative measures requested by the defence were refused and the obligation of custodial measures in prison confirmed regarding the other charge against her: fabrication, possession and transport of explosive material, relating to the burning of a cash machine of a Poste branch in Turin, which was involved in deportations from CPRs through their air company Mistral Air at the time.

As usual, it will be necessary to wait a few weeks in order to read the reasons for this decision. So Carla remains in jail. From a telephone call with a comrade we learned that the news didn’t surprise or demoralize her of course and she feels strong and calm. We renew the invitation to write to her and send her warm solidarity, also in the light of the censorship being applied to her letters, which is considerably slowing down her relations with the outside.
Carla Tubeuf
C.C. di Vigevano
Via Gravellona 240
27029Vigevano (PV)
In the light of the decision of the court of review and of further expenses looming  concerning operation Scintilla, we are reactivating the bank account used last year,   the details of which are below:
IBAN: IT61Y0347501605CC0011856712
ABI: 03475  CAB: 01605   BIC: INGBITD1
Made out to: Giulia Merlini and Marco Pisano
Translated by act for freedom now!

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