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Τ Major events in Greece for the year he left ..

Details month to month.

The resurgence of terrorism in “hits” from the beginning of the year and the signing of the emerging “sects

Revolutionaries”, the film (again) Paleokosta escape from prison, kidnapping Panagopoulos, chemicals against farmers in the

port are some the most important events in Greece this year leaving.O. .. August was destined to once again be printed as the

“black” month for our country, hundreds of thousands of acres of forest in NE Attica were ashes during the most devastating

fires in Attica.


Terrorists “bolting” police.
Murderous attack on 03:05 on 5 January accepts 21 years of police at the junction of Zaimi and Kountouriotou in

Exarchia.The police of MAT was with two other colleagues around the cages, when accepted barrage fire by unknown,

probably from kalaznikof.Point found more than 20 buds and reportedly, two weapons. . The police transported to the hospital,

subjected to prolonged surgery and ultimately escape danger, and responsibility for the attack to take notice of the

organization “Revolutionary Struggle”.

Kidnapping of owner Panagopoulos. The morning of January 19, the owner Pericles Panagopoulos left free by his kidnappers,

hours after the payment of ransom from their relatives in desert location, near the Castle Gujarat. According to a Police,

74chronos owner discovered accidentally by a passing patrol car bench, which the received. Police continue to investigate and

identify the abductors and arrives in early July in the wake of organized gang. . Brain of the coil and organizer of the

kidnapping are alleged prisoner Trikala prison for murder, protections and other offenses, while among those arrested is a

businessman who helped to make the money laundering of ransom, a negotiator and two people from Crete, a of which

hotelier. Ό All those arrested are Greek.

Farmers in the streets.Demonstrations by farmers begin the plain of Thessaly and Macedonia to protest the low prices of

products such as cotton, wheat, corn and milk. The Minister for Rural Development, Sotiris Hatzigakis, calls to avoid extreme

forms of protests and a few days later announced aid package totaling 500 million euros. Farmers, however, not satisfied by

the commitments of Ministers and the new block in Western Greece and Peloponnese, snap bypasses, avoiding however to

close the railway. In the game of protests by farmers and enter the Peloponnese, closing the Athens – Corinth. ΤThe

prolonged closure of roads connecting Greece with Bulgaria in Sofia concern, which complained to the Greek authorities.

Finally, after a dramatic background of consultation in late January that farmers decide to end the protests and blockades

from leaving.


• Premiere of the “sects”New serious incident within the Police. Three strangers, under the special guard, attacked at dawn

on February 3 against AT Korydallos, shooting and throwing a grenade. Fortunately the grenade did not explode, while the

shots no one was hurt. του 2007. Police officers are almost convinced that this terrorist attack as the weapon used by the

perpetrators was similar to that which was stolen by a special guard of the former President of the Supreme Court Romulus

Kedikoglou and used by the Police Department of completeness, in April 2007. The responsibility for the attack made by the

emerging organization “sects Revolutionaries.

• Escape Paleokosta. New cinematic escape by helicopter from the male prison Korydallos out at noon on February 22

Vassilis Palaiokostas and Alketas Riza who had escaped again by helicopter in June 2006. To escape flood gust followed, in

which slightly injured a guard. Besides the pilot, the helicopter were on a man and a woman, who, being present over Eleusis,

threatened the pilot with a knife and grenade, forcing him to fly over the prison Korydallos particularly over the third wing,

where received criminals. Shortly thereafter he landed a kilometer away from the toll AFIDNON and found in fields between

Polydendri and Kapandriti. Inmates and passengers of the helicopter escaped in a car and drive a black jeep.

. On April 14 the police made a large company in Alepochori, and estimated that there lies the Palaiokostas. Οι . The police

shoot the tires car which stopped and checked. The car loses control, leaves the road and parked while the driver managed to

Through the positioning of mobile phones left in the car after the chase Palaiokostas the Old National Road Athens, Thebes,

the police discovered in his hideout Alepochori Paleokosta, in which they find fake licenses, car registration and dress

materials and investigations are continuing in Geraneia to locate the runaway. Το The house had rented a woman with the

surname Fotiadou and is a former mayor of the region.

Finally, on November 16 arrested at a house in Ano Souli Secretary, wanted Alcetas Riza and his partner Sula. A few days

trial and led to prison.

• Το λιμάνι “πνίγεται” στα χημικά. • The port “drowned” in the chemical. Extensive use of chemicals by powerful groups of

MAT against producers from Crete to remain at the port and have blocked the surrounding streets.Farmers refuse to go to

the Ministry of Rural Development, and invite representatives of the parties to go to Piraeus.

. First arrived the president of PASOK, who-because of the tear – leaves soon after. The government asserts that it was used

as the chemical Papandreou was in the harbor area. The main opposition party featuring the image of “unacceptable” and

called for the resignation of the leadership of the Public Prosecutor and the Chief of Police

Two days later, farmers are leaving the port of Piraeus after having left the MAT, and promising to continue their protests in


Meanwhile, the blockade remains the bastion of farmers in the region, resulting in queues of vehicles waiting to cross the

border to and from Bulgaria to grow.


Student opens fire at school OAED. One dead and three seriously injured is the record of unprecedented by Greek standards

violence incident in school. Shortly before entering the room for the lesson, the student 19chronos School Employment Agency

in Petrou Ralli shoots classmate. Finally, the offender aftopyrovoleitai head wanting to end his life and some time later leaving

his last breath.

ΗThe attack with a weapon at school brings to light the issue of arms trafficking in Greece. Illustration, the first two months of

2009 in Athens seized 114 weapons and illegal possession of firearms increased by 66.4%, the only time in Athens has more

than 50,000 illegal weapons. Furthermore, it is estimated that in our country, handling more than 300 weapons spirals, with

arms and follow these rules of supply and demand. As for their introduction in Greece, Achilles heel, as estimated by the

prosecuting authorities are the Greek-Albanian border and the coast of southern Crete.


The “sects” murder in cold blood Officer of Terrorism. In the notice of the “sects Revolutionaries” take responsibility for

the assassination of yparchifylaka Nektarios Sava in Patissia. It appears from the ballistic examination of the buds of the two

nine millimeter weapons found at the murder, nine of t
he 24 bullets from a gun that was used by the terrorist organization to

strike against the police department Korydallos, and in the television station ALTER. The other balls dropped from a weapon

not used before.


The fiery nightmare returned to BA Attica. Destructive fire burns for three days the northeastern Attica turning hundreds of

homes to ashes, cars and thousands of acres of forest. According to the European Information System for Forest Fires, over

300,000 acres of forest land were ashes in three days in Greece, and to heal the wounds in the forests of Attica will take at

least 25 years, provided that they control the real estate aspirations.

The conclusion of the Fire blamed on at least one person. This 59chrono, which owns land near to where the landfill was sited

Grammatiko, from where he started the devastating fire.
On the other hand, the finding of the Inspector General of Public Administration Leandros Rakintzis finds tragic failures, non

-existent coordination and critical shortages of staff and resources. The Coordination of Fire had direct oversight of

operations, since it has satellite monitoring of fire and the information transmitted by radio and mobile phones. Moreover,

according to the findings, senior circumvent their immediate superiors, thus losing precious time while the leader of the Fire

Department had no idea of the fire 12 hours after the event.


Apartment – giafka in Halandri. Four people arrested by the Anti-terrorism during loading compartment – giafka, Street

March 25. According to the reports of the Police, the department found and seized an improvised explosive device clock,

complete and ready for operation, which was placed in a cooking pot. The mechanism is identical to that placed in the

apartment of Mr. Lucas Katseli in Kolonaki. Officers believe that this is the Tour “Conspiracy nuclei of Fire”, which is below

the Organization “Ambush – Armed Revolutionary Action.”

Disclosure in Euboea and Attica BA. καταστήματα. Heavy rainfall occurring in Evia, leading to separate homes from their

foundations literally, whole areas be buried beneath the mud and thousands of acres of cropland from flooding, and hundreds

of houses and shops. . Great is the destruction and water networks and columns of PPC.

Drama is the picture and North Attica, which apart from the tragic consequences of fires in August, and experiencing the

effects of flooding on the opposite Euboea. Residents of Oropou and Apostles Kalamos confront the coastal zone of tonnes of

mud, tree trunks, trash and even dead animals were washed from the opposite Eretria, due to the strong winds of up to 7

Beaufort. Οι κάτοικοι των περιοχών απευθύνουν έκκληση στις αρχές να αναλάβουν το γρηγορότερο δυνατό δράση

καθαρισμού των ακτών ενόψει και του χειμώνα, ώστε να μην προκληθούν μεγαλύτερες καταστροφές. Residents of areas

call the authorities to take action as soon as possible cleaning off the face of winter, so as not to cause greater damage.


New bloody attack on police. Even a well-organized plan by terrorists, this time against the Police Department Agia

Paraskevi. . Since the attack wounded six policemen (one cop, a probationary constable, four trainees special guards) are two

serious. Men of Terrorism collected from the scene of total ninety-nine balls and it came out that the weapons were used in

another attack. By notice of the “mouse” almost a month after the “Revolutionary Struggle” does not assume responsibility

for the armed attack on the AT, while denying any involvement in the attacks remain “orphan” and attributed by the police in

this organization.


• A time without Alexis. Lasted three days events to mark the one year after the loss of 15 year-old student Alexander

Grigoropoulos. . His family has committed an annual memorial service, residents of Exarchia held events at the junction of

Preveza and Messolongi and events culminating in massive rally in downtown Athens, and in other cities, during which there

were some incidents and fights. The most serious incident occurred when hooded occupied administration building at the

University of Athens, injuring the dean, Christos Kittas, and climbed on the roof of the building and took down after the Greek

flag, placed in the position of the flag of the anarchists.Police went to hundreds of arrests and adduction, the principal

resigned, while the invasion of hooded in the building caused the intervention of the Chief District Court Prosecutor I

Sakelakou, who ordered an urgent preliminary investigation carried out.

Finally, the Deputy Public Prosecutor of the Supreme Court N. Pantelis had dismissed the mother’s 15 year-old student

Alexis Grigoropoulos, which called for a second time to be in Athens and not in Amfissa the trial of two special guards and B. S

Korkonea Saralioti to death son.

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