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01/04/2011 – Hypocrites and murderers, against military action in Libya
After having supported, armed and funded Gaddafi for thirty years, the Italian government – a few days after the celebrations for its 150th anniversary – has joined actively in the military coalition that is bombing Libya.
To “protect the civilian population,” the politicians and journalists tell us. The same people that Gaddafi has exploited, repressed, imprisoned and murdered thanks to Italian money and treaties with Italy.

The bombs from the Italian tornadoes, like those of the other Allied fighters, are only bringing death and destruction. We have already seen “surgical bombing” in Iraq and Serbia. The purpose of this war is the seizure of Libyan oil, that the insurrection and civil war threaten to subtract from the control of the colonial powers. Not only that. A strong military installation in Libya can make it clear to all the insurgent peoples in the Mediterranean who is in command and with whom alliances should be established. It is an attempt to normalise a North Africa, which, with revolts and insurrections has broken the hold of the regimes in the pay of France, Italy and the United States for a number of months. (to be continued..)

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