Madrid, Spain – Centro Nacional Pharmaceuticals van burnt in solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Switzerland and Chile



Source: madrid.indymedia – translated by culmine

06/04/2011 – This morning a van of the Centre National Pharmaceutical was set on fire in central Madrid, because we do not want to continue to endure this agony, because we prefer to stay mad before seeing ourselves tied to the madness of anti-depressants and other chemical and alienating garbage, because we hate this modern world and its barbarism, its wars, because we want to stop once and for all this damned machine that pushes us into the abyss and we know we must do it for ourselves and that the best time is NOW and the best place is HERE.

To spread the revolt, let’s come out from the ghettos. In the streets!
This action is dedicated to our comrades on hunger strike in Chilean State and Billy, Silvia, Costa and Marco. In our hearts.

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