Do I need to start mass occupations reviews? second day of the trial in amfissa 22/1/10


“Ms Tsalikian outside off guard – because her mother is facing a serious health problem – will be Friday in the courtroom in


A witness will also be asked to submit the minor student whose hands Alexis died.
The testimony will be crucial as it was when the next shot.

Concern is the fact, according to family spokesman Andrew Constantine, that the presiding judge said that he would judge the

case only Tuesday and Friday.
Speaking at Newsit, said that thus the attendance of witnesses by the defense is difficult, impossible.

The same concern expressed by Ms Tsalikian which indicated that not such a serious trial to break into pieces as it must itself

be near her mother. “

The state continues to prurient in memory of Alexis, empaizontas parents and eliminating the last flakes dikaiosynis.Mipos to

react? Maybe occupations reviews across the country to think again on how to delay the decision.

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