more harassment of a defendant locked up without a trial

The Bristol EDO Decommissioner Elijah (James) Smith, held on remand now for over 1 year, without any trial, has been moved from HMP Lewes to another prison in what can only be seen as a blatant move of harassment by the state.
Elijah was transferred to Elmley Prison in Kent around Friday 22nd January and will probably remain there until March we understand. Letters of support remain really important as he’s likely to have less visitors now. Elijah appreciates support and communication, sending an SAE with your letter makes it easier for him to write back too. Remember solidarity with our defendants and prisoners is a vital part of any campaign.

Elijah Smith, VP 7551, HMP Elmley (Sheppey Cluster), Church Rd, Eastchurch, Sheerness, Kent, ME12 4DZ.

For those who can visit, times are 2pm-4.15pm daily, book a visit on 01795882272.
HMP Elmley visiting info: http://www.information.insidetime.org/visitorsinfo.asp?…LMLEY
HMP Elmley prison regime info: http://www.information.insidetime.org/regimes2.asp?name…LMLEY

The 6 Bristol EDO Decommissioners’ trial is due to start on 17 May 2010 in Brighton (along with 3 people from Brighton caught up in the case), whilst Elijah faces a further trial in relation to the Raytheon roof occupation, which is due in Bristol in September.

A support group for the Bristol defendants continues to send money to Elijah every week, but welcomes further donations if you have any spare cash! Contact Decommissioners at PO Box 6, Booty, 82 Colston Street, Bristol. BS1 5BB or see the campaign website at http://decommissioners.co.uk/


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