I want to thank greek people who help imigrants(thessaloniki-greece)


I want to thank greek people who help imigrants


I am Jo from Nigeria,i live and work in thessaloniki the last 2 years.Today i was walking in a neighborhood with my stuff( i sell bags).I came across with cabs who stopped me and asked for papers,i had with me my passport but they didn’t let me go.

They said “what do you have there? are you selling these? show us your permision or we take you in the police stasion” i told them they are not mine i carry them for a friend and they told me “ok,if they are not yours you wont mind if we take them”  and started throwing them away and they kicked me in legs and ribs and told me to shut up or we will smash your head and started yelling at me racistic things.

Then a couple who was passing by stopped and told the cabs to leave me alone,and cabs beated the man and bullied the girl,and they told them they will arrest them and beat them and why do they care and stuff.In the end the cabs left swearing at us.I want to thank these greek people and all people who help us immigrants even though they also get in trouble, they are not many,but at least there are some

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