This presentation tries to explain why our group exists.


Many anti-fascists are isolated. Alone or even in small groups, we are most of the time isolated. The situation is catastrophic. The Nazis marched in Berlin without much resistance few weeks ago, they are killing our comrades in Russia, they organize concerts and parades in the heart of Paris every year, anti-Semitism is growing rapidly throughout Europe, the worshipers of the Ustashi appear openly, the Swiss clearly displays their racism … ect. We antifascists, are overwhelmed by the fascist wave, not counting state repression rampant everywhere and especially in the Spanish State. Many people are isolated; our group tries to unite these people beyond their nationality.
This goal also reflects a lack of organization of the anti-fascist action abroad. This is due to a lack of structure. But there is sometimes a kind of navel gazing. When a local Antifascist group exists, it tends not to share his experience with other group. This must change.
We modestly invent a new way to design anti-fascism, internationally oriented and deeply cultural opened.

First, we use the tools offered by new technologies. Mainly Facebook. We know the risks we take. Each must be evaluated. It is obvious that in difficult local conditions, it is not advisable to join our group with his true identity. This is dangerous and we must think about our safety first.

However, we believe that the true bulwark against repression and against the aggression of fascist groups, is the “People fortress”. That’s why we must work to build a front mass. The use of new technologies can achieve this result more rapidly than by means of real life.

Today, there is a cultural battle to carry on the front of anti-fascism. This battle will not happen without the right tools we need to invent methods, to let the mass line come out.

Our experience is not unique. We do not believe that we are THE only group above the existing groups. It is rather a transnational anti-fascist group in the minds of the international brigades in preparation for the Fascist tide happens. We are a column, we hope many others will be born soon.

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