Molotof in corfu police station and corfu municipality police office


Two people attacked corfu police station with molotof bombs early this morning.
At 01.05am at seroko square on samartzi street where the police station is the two tried to
a fire by throwing the molotof to the front of the station wtihout success since the fire didnt
do much damage.
They also threw some leaflets with antiauthoritarian slogans.
They ran off and the guard chased them managing to catch one of them,
a 29year old greek woman. From the findings and investigation it was
announced these were the same peolple that attacked the corfu municipality office
with molotof on sunday feb.7th 2010 by throwing stones to break the windows
of the basement on dessila street and threw two molotofs in ot the office.
The girl has been severly baten during the “questioning” and is going to
appear before a district attorney tommorow.

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