Arson of the local offices of PASOK (ruling party) in Panagia faneromeni area in Thessaloniki-greece


June 15

In the view of the permanent pillage of the capital against the workers, the official syndicalistic gang of GSEE (National Workers’ Union of Greece) calls for general strike. Thus the workers are called “to demonstrate peacefully” against the violent charge of the state and capital.
Only that in Democracy, for the smooth imposition of dominating structures, the peaceful response is not simply acceptable, but legitimate. We ought to redefine our choices, collectivize our resistances and give daily answers.
Against the capitalistic savagery to affix the multiform class struggle with demonstrations, strikes, occupations, conflicts, attacks… continuing the war to the war of the state and capital.

This is why we take the responsibility for the arson of the local organization of PASOK on Ditikis Makedonias street in Thessaloniki in the early hours of Thursday 16-6-2011 factually declaring our solidarity to the 15 arrested in the strike mobilizations as well as to those who choose the rupture with authority and its structures. 

No peace

Laws are abolished at the barricades.

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