Call for solidarity ahead of Tamara Hernández Heras’ September 14 court date


From Tokata (July 4, 2011):

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I call on Tamara’s friends and comrades, as well as all those close to her in this struggle against systematic abuse by the State, to join together in support of our comrade, who will be tried for the remaining charges against her on September 14 at the Seventh Provincial Court in Barcelona.

1. On the outside, with protests in front of the courthouse where they will attempt to judge her.

2. For those of us behind the walls of Spanish State Death Camps, with a protest fast on the same day as the trial, since not only will they be judging her, they will be judging all who defend freedom. We can’t allow the fascist courts to again imprison another comrade, repressing those who think differently in their refusal to submit or be fooled by a System that capriciously manipulates the thinking of human beings in order to subject them to its decrees like mere puppets.

Our comrade is being tried on the basis of highly dubious evidence and trumped-up charges, but the only crime she has committed is the crime of being a free spirit whose enormous heart is dedicated to supporting those of us who are fighting for our freedom.

I therefore feel that, as her friends and comrades, it is our duty to show her our total solidarity and support with all the conviction, determination, and affection we can muster at this critical juncture in her life, as fascism attempts to deprive her of her liberty.

Our protests must make the State aware that freedom is like an ember, and if they take away our comrade’s freedom, they will once again be burning their own hands.

Now, comrades, all that’s left is for me to send you, through these words, all my strength, encouragement, and support, as well as a powerful embrace full of rebellion.

Anarchy, health, and freedom!!

For Tamara!

—Honorio “Pope” Gómez Alfaro; from Madrid III prison slaughterhouse; June 30, 2011

Tamara walked out of Brians prison 22 April 2010

Tamara walked out of Brians prison 22 April 2010 

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