By examining the coroner Christos Lefkidi from the defense, resumed before the Joint Amfissa Certified Court, the proceedings of the special guards and Epaminondas Korkonea …

Basil Saralioti, accused of the death of Alexander Grigoropoulos.

With the start of the process has been tension in response to a request made by the counsel Education Policy Christos Milonopoulos to revoke a previous decision of the court did not accept the consent of about 25 witnesses from the list provided by the victim’s family, as not notified in time.

Mr. Milonopoulos, pleaded areopagitiki decision according to which the disclosure of the list of witnesses is once valid cases deferred, as in this case.

Indeed, as Mr Milonopoulos, the prosecution made reference yesterday to Supreme Court on the issue.

The defense by Kuge by stating, that the prosecution disclosed immediately appeal the Supreme Court in the press, said the first time an attempt is made to foster a climate against the accused Korkonea Epaminondas.

As Mr Kougias, the prosecution has to have the best lawyers and experts. “We are confident that we will be judged fairly, but do not put up with us to be here and the prosecution be able to make visits to offices and to report immediately to the press. What the trial would do so? Hundred here bears witness to the prosecution the truth is one.

Mr. Kougias argued that the principle in handling the case mistakes were made by politicians for fear of attacks in Athens, while commenting on earlier press article suggest that “rigged” in favor of the defendant’s trial, said “what to build it The poor man, who hides his family in the Mani.

The court decided to examine witnesses in civil actions, which ultimately as Mr Milonopoulos are eleven including eye in the incident and journalists.

During the examination by Mr Lefkidi Kougias reiterated that it considers that the data set to make representation to the autopsy and crime scene were not correct and contradict eyewitness testimony.

From the courtroom now absent mother of Alexander Grigoropoulos and present is the sister and his father 15 years old who have declared civil claimant, but do not want to testify.

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