In Nantes, Rennes or Montpellier, masks and make up were used to make some dirty jokes.
    On this February 16th, Mardi-Gras day, some traditions were transformed to mean tricks.
    In Montpellier, about a hundred people, full masked and costumed, faced police and made graffities anywhere they could. The group moved cars on the streets and throw bottles on a further avenue. Some hours before, cops controlled people in the area of the squat „crève“, and took away their chariots. Due to the press, dozen of empty bottles were prepared, as many colored balls. No arrests.

„If this world is Normal, so we are the madmen! For a permanent Carnival!“

„… […] because it’s in a sweat and under colored masks that the Carnival will tumble down. One more time, we come without papers: because this carnival is not controlled. One more time, there is no money nor seller, because during the carnival we just take the cake and eat it to danse in heady round dance. One more time, no organizer (karakwela are impostors), because, that night- the battucadas, the chariots, the costumed, the mad people, the beggars- it’s I, it’s You, it’s All!“

„hit the cop; if you don‘t know why, he knows!“

Anonymous, but not alone. Joyful, but determined. Dancing and moving all the time, to break the Order lines. It’s not so innocent if the French Revolution also produced anti-party laws.
Here what the Gazette Nationale wrote, in 1792:

« 1° It’s forbidden to look travestied in the streets; 2° nobody would be allowed to organize a masked public ball; 3° one can not spread or sell masks and costume clothes after 11pm; 4° nobody is allowed to organize a public ball without police permission; 5° these balls can not last after eleven in the night“ (Gazette Nationale, or Le Moniteur Universel, n° 32, mercredi 1er février 1792, Troisième année de la Liberté)

< extract of the new brochure: The Carnival, the party that turns everything over
Find it on Infokiosques (or HERE):
Two parts:
– the Carnival origins and its history since the Middle age
– the Carnival in Montpellier

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