Protest at greek embassy in NYC, 18/12/2008


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On the 18th of December (a day of massive strikes and protests in Greece) at about 2:30 pm local time we, 2 greek graduate students in a small town of Ohio and upon our first visit to New York, we decided to visit the Greek embassy to express our support for the riots currently taking place all over in Greece.

The Police was not happy to see us there and at first they ordered us to stay at the edge of the sidewalk to not disturb the operation of the embassy. after less than one hour 3 more police men came and they ordered us to move to the opposite side of the street where the so called “designated protest area” was assigned by the NYPD. The reason was, they said, security measures due to events of the previous week. They did not want to talk more about this with us and they said the order came from the police head-quarters after a call from inside the embassy. I guess our “co-citizens” at the greek embassy were concerned about 2 students destroying the image of the country…

Solidarity to the greek RIOTS!!! Keep fighting! The fight against capitalist opression is global!

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