Athens: Skaramaga anarchist squat evicted


Comrades from Buissonnière squat in the Parisian suburb of Fontenay-sous-Bois put up a banner in Greek, in solidarity with Patission 61 & Skaramaga squat (Athens).




Chania, Crete island: Banner drop in solidarity with Skaramaga squat

The banner drop in the old port at Chania was an act of solidarity from the squat Rosa Nera The banner reads: SOLIDARITY WITH SKARAMAGA SQUAT DOWN YOUR HANDS FROM THE SQUATS

Action of solidarity with Skaramaga squat

Yesterday, August 2nd, members of Contra Info put up an English banner in solidarity with Skaramaga squat at the yard of Athens Polytechnic School (Polytechnio), in Patission street. Also, the following counter-information text regarding the police raid in Skaramaga squat — in English and French — was distributed during the solidarity gathering at Monastiraki square:


On Friday morning, July 29th, 2011, in downtown Athens the repressive and persecutory forces of the Greek State once again performed a military style operation.

Murderers in uniforms — aka the Greek police — raided an anarchist squat at the junction of Patission 61 and Skaramaga streets, blocking the building for almost five hours and calling in a delegate of the ‘legitimate’ owner, the Mariners’ Retirement Fund (ΝΑΤ). The cops confiscated all the computers and an internet server from the squat’s workshop. Also, one squatter who had entered in order to be present during the investigations, was arrested and held in Omonia police department. He has been charged with three misdemeanours and was not released before Saturday, while his trial date was set for August 10th.

This police operation did not come out of the blue. In this particular downtown area, the anarchist squats Villa Amalias and Skaramaga had come under attack by cops and fascists during May, in the midst of fierce attacks against immigrants in the centre of Athens with devotees of fascism abusing the brutal murder of Manolis Kantaris, while neo-Nazi groups launched pogroms injuring a total of hundreds of immigrants, and fatally stabbed the Bangladeshian Alim Abdul Manan.

Skaramaga squat is one of the open anarchist projects that emerged after the revolt of December 2008. Ever since, it has stood as a meeting point for radical social movements, and as a hub of action for individuals and collectives that struggle for social liberation.

This raid happened just a few hours before the eviction of Syntagma Square tent occupation, on Saturday dawn, July 30th. The eviction of Syntagma Square was led by Eleni Raikou, the same persecutor who ordered the immediate eviction of Athens Law School where 300 immigrant–workers had began a hunger strike on January 2011.

Last week’s repressive acts of the democratic Junta took place one month after the State committed crimes against thousands of demonstrators during the 48hour general strike of June 28th29th. At least 500 people were injured then, and 23 were arrested for demonstrating against the midterm memorandum and the deterioration of their lives.

We take a stand against fear, oppression and social genocide promoted by the State and the bosses, with resistance, solidarity, self-organization and uncompromised social struggles.

Squatters and comrades in solidarity have reoccupied the building of Skaramaga squat, and welcome solidarity actions worldwide. Any attack by the State and/or neo-Nazi gangs against squats such as Skaramaga, is an attack against the international anarchist movement, and will not be tolerated. We will stand in their way and we will fight back.


In solidarity,
Contra Info, Translation Counter-Information Network

updates about the anarchist arrested during the police raid on Skaramaga squat

About 100 people in solidarity with the anarchist arrested during the attempted eviction of Skaramanga squat, gathered today (July 30) at the Evelpidon Courthouse in Athens. The comrade charged with three misdemeanors has been released and a new trial date was set for August 10.

A counter-information gathering regarding the cops’ raid on Skaramaga squat has been called for Tuesday, August 2, at 19.00 at Monastiraki square.

A solidarity gathering has been called for the anarchist arrested during the attempted eviction of Skaramanga squat, tomorrow (30.7) at 10.30 a.m. at the Euelpidon courthouse in Athens.

14:11 the cops took away the computers from the squat’s laboratory 15:02 the cops moved against the people who were gathered outside of the building of Athens Polytechnical university (in order to make them get inside) There’s also a calling at 18:00 for a conversation about the squat’s eviction in order to inform the people,as well as for an open assembly


The people re-occupied the squat and they are now in.This is confirmed by communication with the squatters who are now inside the building.

More and more people are getting gathered and finally there’s a calling for an open assembly at the building of the SQUAT and not in the Athens Polytechnical(Patission & Skaramaga str) at 18:00


Skaramanga anarchist squat in Athens evicted, breaking news

This morning (29.07) the Skaramanga squat in Athens was evicted by heavy police forces, following the legal action by the building’s owners. One person who entered the building to be present at the eviction proceedings has been arrested. Another seventy people who tried to approach the building were pushed back by heavy police forces.

More info as it comes.



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