At dawn Tuesday, February 23 the Italian anti-terrorist attacks carried out dozens of homes and centers anarchists in Turin.

Three comrades were arrested and three others imposed house arrest. The uniformed killers seized computers, phones and

printed materials from their homes 23 anarchist comrades. The cops raided the area occupied by the radio Blackout and took

them for suggesting that there were as transmit. Other police raids took place in cities Rovereto (Trento) Vicoforte (Cuneo)

and Mantova Those arrested are accused of involvement in conspiratorial groups and demonstrations against immigrant

camps, in causing shit in expensive restaurants for riots in the streets of the suburbs, for attacks against the offices of the Red

Cross and the far-right party Lega north. The radio RádioBlackout (FM 105.250) is the only free radio in Turin and the

microphone is open and free to use to disseminate news about the actions against the camps, the anti-fascist struggles, the

struggle of student workers. “This police operation is the latest in a series of prosecutions has launched the Italian State to

silence those who maintain their dignity and fight for human rights,solidaryti immigrants and oppose the modern extermination

camps. Our struggle will continue and will certainly not be a mizery prosecutor will stop us, “said representatives of anti-

racism Assembly in Turin.

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